Sunday, August 19, 2007

How To Read Tabs

By request, here's some advice on how to read tabs:

  1. Tabs reflect what notes are being played on the guitar
  2. Learning to read tabs would help you learn how to play songs
  3. The way tabs are expressed are from 1st (e) to 6th (E) string i.e. bottom to top of guitar
  4. Each number on a string represents which fret to press on which string
  5. When the numbers are in a vertical line, it indicates that all the notes are played at the same time i.e. strum or pluck
  6. When the numbers are arranged consecutively, it indicates that individual notes are plucked one at a time (Read from left to right)
Hope that helps. Just my two cents worth :P


Anonymous said...


eman said...

hi!i'm jst 1 of the viewrs who was inspred through ur great talent in music!u are a very big help 2 those who r not so good in music lyk me,hope u wud continue ur works and blieve dat u can achieve ur goals...god blss!!!

Anonymous said...

hi..thanx for d effort in helping...great songs...great instructions...keep it up bro...good to hav a fellow christian like u...can i hav ur ym?this is me---guitarz_jr28----im really wanting to learn...hope u cud be of more help...thanx again

Graham Choo said...

What's ym? My Yahoo Mail? It's

If it's Yahoo Messanger, then I don't really use that function

Du said...

Unmeasurable blessing to my life this blog of yours!

May God multiply to you 10x the joy I had when He led me to find tab reading instructions you posted here. Made my firts steps in learning guitar a LOT easier!


F22_Pilot said...

I'm still a beginner to guitar playing though, lol...

Ms Bates said...

I have been looking for this site for while since your bro mentioned more details to the videos were here. Thanks for sharing. I cant wait to be as good as you guys, or maybe even better ;) God bless

Veer Pratap said...

You guys are jus awesome and pretty helpful.. May god bless you.. many ppl in the world lukin at ur amazin blog..Amen!!

Juliet Tye said...

Is it necessary to get a capo and a guitar tuner?

Graham Choo said...

Hi Julie,

If you're planning to be able to sing along to what you're playing, then a capo would be helpful since you can adjust the pitch, without having to change the chord family that you're playing in. For example, if you have learnt the song in the key of G, but a comfortable pitch for you is in A, then you can capo the 2nd fret, and still play the G chords, in order to get the A pitch.

For guitar tuner, you can use your handphone to download apps that help you to tune up. It's important to tune up, otherwise all your chords will sound out of tune. Alternatively, there are guitar tuners that can be attached to your guitar, or tuning forks that give one string's pitch, which you can thereafter tune the rest of the guitar by pressing certain frets and playing the strings to hit the same pitch.

Hope the above is helpful!