Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Great Resources

Here's some links for online resources that I found useful. After each of them is a little description on what they're about. Visit them for yourselves!

The ultimate online bible resource, that has a variety of versions and the all-important search function.

A really cool plugin that I found for Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer browsers. It transforms your browser into a multimedia tool that surfs through videos and images in a unique way, giving you the "Mac" feel to it. Try it for yourself!

A "God centered resource from the ministry of John Piper" One of my favourite resource for godly living and issues pertaining to the Christian faith. Has an excellent database of sermon notes and even audio streaming!

An excellent website where you can find your anime OSTs for downloading. They're in mp3 format. Requires registration, but it's free

A great Christian praise and worship resource, which features the electric, acoustic, and bass videos! Also has tabs for those interested in learning how to play the songs. Do support my fellow Singaporean :)

How To Play Guitar
Guitar Tricks
Learn how to play guitar with online video guitar lessons from Guitar Tricks.

A great website for guitar beginners who need to know how chords look like. Shows the tabs and chord shapes from A to G, as well as their variants.

Another great website my friend just introduced me to. Has entire mp3 albums of anime and games that are available for download individually. Registration would enable you to download in albums.

Cool software that allows bible verses to automatically pop up in your blog post. A great help for referencing, and not having to write out long chunks of passages. Simply write out the book, chapter, and verses e.g. John 3:16!

Where you can find videos of worship leaders explaining more about their songs and how to play them. Great for people who want to learn Christian songs.

Online Guitar Tuner
The majority of songs are played in standard tuning of EADGBe. Here's an online tool that helps you tune your guitar accordingly, 'cause no one likes playing an out-of-tuned guitar. It's just painful on the ears

Sony Playstation Music 1
Sony Playstation Music 2
Cool website that features Playstation games' midi files for downloading. It's where I got the midis to my Final Fantasy videos.

A video download tool that I use to save videos onto my computer so I don't have to keep logging onto YouTube and waiting for the load. Can be used for practically any video hosting website! It's a Firefox plug-in.

Great site for finding tabs of songs you're looking for. Features both Christian and mainstream music. (I write my own tabs by the way)


pmesias said...

you guys are doing great things in his name! i am looking for chords/tab for "My Saviou Lives" buy New Life Worship. any chance that you'll be working on that?? or maybe a place where i can find?? thanks again.. in his grip

Jim said...

Hello Greham,

Is that Videohelper tool legal to download and is that also legal to convert those videos from YouTube ?

kindly regards,


Graham Choo said...

Hey Jim,
It's legal if the videos you're downloading are original from the user, and if you don't download it to sell to others. It's probably not legal if you download songs by artistes, and upload them onto you mp3 player or something.