Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Instrumental Instructional

Kotaro Oshio
Cherry Blossom Time

Nobuo Uematsu
Melodies Of Life

Shiro Sagisu
Going Home

Tommy Emmanuel
Amazing Grace
Lady Madonna


PastorCal said...

Hi, I am really blessed and impressed with mr. jedimindless. Wish you were in Northern California...our ministries could use someone like you.

Nevertheless. I was curious about the chording on Beautiful Savior.

It looks like you walk down from A to a Fsharpminor? or ?
That chord i am unfamilar with.

Maybe you have the chords here somewhere but if not and it isn't a bother could you shoot me a email with em. Thanks much.

So if you are ever in the country you ought to come do a worship set in our town. It would be fun. I could put together a string of places to play at.


Graham Choo said...

The intro chords and verse chords are progressing down from an A chord to a F#m chord. They are open chords, so the first 2 strings are left open (no pressing of any frets or notes)

There's an intermediary chord between A and F#m, which is a A/G# chord. Just move your index finger from the A bass on the 5th fret 6th string, to the G# bass on the 4th fret 6th string. The other notes remain the same.

Hope I managed to clarify what you asked :)

Anonymous said...

I am really impressed with the song now that you near. could you by any chance do an instructional video.
God Bless you

Anonymous said...

Hi, how do you do the strumming for the song "Enough". Hoe you can spend some time to teach me how. Thanks a lot and God bless you!

Graham Choo said...

Hey, you can actually refer to the song's instructional video, that my brother did. It can be found at

Just click on the second video. He explains the chords and strumming patterns for the song. God bless :)