Monday, May 28, 2007

Heart Of Worship

The Heart Of Worship (The Heart Of Worship Album Version)Here's a song by Matt Redman that he apparently wrote for his church's worship band. He wanted to remind them of the true reason why they were playing - that it was for God, not for themselves. How true it is that we sometimes get caught up in the music rather than worshiping God for who He is.

The first video is the song itself. The second is the instructional. Tabs are below

Tabbed by: Graham Choo

Tuning: Standard
   D  Asus Em  G  Asus A7
Verse 1:
   D  Asus Em Asus A7  D  Asus Em Asus A7
  Em D/F# Asus A7 Em D/F# Asus A7 Em D/F# Asus A7 Em D/F# Asus A7
   D  Asus Em  G  Asus D  Asus Em  G  Asus
   D  Asus A7
Verse 2
Chorus 2x
| /  slide up
| \  slide down
| h  hammer-on
| p  pull-off
| ~  vibrato
| +  harmonic
| x  Mute note

Click HERE To Download PDF



Hey Daniel, I first discovered you on youtube. You've been a blessing to me and many others. I could not agree with you more. Several years ago I got caught up in myself and the music and lost sight of why I was playing. Not only that, but for who I was playing. Needless to say I took some time off to refocus and remember why I play. Now, the focus has returned and I no longer go to church just to play music or to show my abilities. I go to express myself in worship to God through music. More importantly I go to help others enter that spirit of worship. Now, more than ever, I am coming back to a heart of worship. Thanks again for sharing your talents with us and may God bless you and your family.


Ivan said...

Hola Daniel,
I've started learning to play the guitar and today I just found your instructional video for the Heart of Worship. Thanks for taking time to prepare such a thorough, step-by-step instructional of the song. On top of that, you add quality and excellence to it. Praise God!

You also added the the tabs for the song, but unfortunately, I don't know how to read it. I'm learning the chords by watching someboldy else do it and presente it on a picture or personally. I've tried to follow your hand to see what strings you're pressing in every chord change, but I can't see it very well.

Would it be possible to add how we position the fingers for the chords included in this song?

It's good to know that our Lord will the repay you the investment in time and effort you're putting into this project, as you do it as unto Him.

Bless you, my brother, and THANK YOU for what you're doing! I bless you in the name of Jesus!!

Ivan, Dominican Republic

Graham Choo said...

Hey Ivan,

Might I refer you to
It's a short section on how to read tabs - it's the answer to your request and question actually. Tabs help you know where to place your fingers on which frets on the guitar. Hope it helps :P

Ivan said...

Thanks Daniel (or is it Graham?),
thanks for the link on how to read a tab it's been helpful. I'm now practicing reading it and playing.

Dios te bendiga/ God bless you,


Xing Hua- Hannah said...

Hey, Daniel thx for putting such great effort to teach us the song. For God will bless you greatly because you had tried to put up effort to honour Him. Haha, also thx to your brother cos he has put up the post too at his blog =) God is Great, All the time!

The Missing Link. said...

Hey Daniel, i think you are a great guitarist and singer. Keep it up. =D
Can you write down the strumming patterns for this song? I'll really appreciate it.

Graham Choo said...

Hi, actually you can get the strumming pattern from the instructional video given in this post.
But anyway, here's the strumming pattern for your convenience:

Pre-Chorus: D D UDUDD DU
Chorus: D D UDUDD DU & D D DU

To know when to use which pattern for the chorus, please refer to the instructional video. God bless!

The Missing Link. said...

Thanks a lot.
That helped. =D

Andy So said...

Hey im just a beginning guitarist. And when i mean beginning i mean BEGINNING. This is my first song im trying to learn, so that i can start my Youth Group Praise Team up. And im having a lil trouble.. i dont quite understand the tabs. I went to your explaination, and i guess i can read it. But i do not understand it. Like is it telling me when to play? or just telling me the notes.. i guess the real problem is, is that i do not know what the function of a tab is. I'm wondering if it's telling me just what notes i should play, or if its telling me what notes and which notes. I was just hoping if you could maybe explain this all?

Sorry if it's any inconvenience.

Graham Choo said...

Hey Andy,
Tabs actually show the guitarist which notes to play, by indicating which fret and string to press and play on, respectively. It tells you how to play the chord (if they're arranged in a vertical line), or the sequence of plucking (if they're arranged in consecutive order).

For Heart of Worship, it's played using chords, so you see a lot of vertically-lined numbers. Simply place your fingers on the frets (numbers) indicated, and strum the strings which you see the numbers on.

If you're having problems knowing which finger to press which note, then you can refer to the video and see the general chord shape. If you're unsure when to play the chords, then you can also refer to the video and listen to when my brother changes a chord while singing, or refer to the Lyrics and Chords which I wrote out in .pdf format. You can find it in the Christian Music page at

Hope that helps! All the best at learning the song :)

Anonymous said...

thank you for such a great tutorial! i am a beginner and wondering how do you not play the E and A strings when you're strumming the D chord? it looks like you are strumming all the strings but you're not, right?

sorry if this is a beginner question - i am having a hard time muting my E A strings since my hands are smaller and don't wrap around the top.

i hope to follow your tutorial and master this song!

Graham Choo said...

Hey there, actually there's no secret to it. You have to focus on strumming from the 4th string downwards.

The more you practice, the more it'll become natural, and subsequently, you strumming hand will be used to the position of strumming from the 4th string downwards.

This practice helps for the A chord as where you strum from 5th string downwards.

Keep practising! All the best :)

Criszelda said...

Hi! Thank you for this instructional videos. It really helps me. I'm a beginner. I thought I could quit learning how to play guitar but this video somehow encourage me not to stop. This reminds me to whom I want to play music.

Thank you and God bless you

eric said...

Good Day Bro,

I've stumbled into your site a couple of days ago, and I must say you do bring Glory back to Him by inspiring others to Praise God thru Songs!

Keep Up the Good work bro!! Spread the Good news! More Power to you and your Family!

To God be The Glory! God is GOOD all the TIME!!


Anonymous said...


Thank you, thank you, thank you! GREAT instruction. What a great voice too! I will be leading worship at an upcoming retreat, and your instruction has been so helpful!


Anonymous said...

God is good because he gave you a wonderful talent..thank you for sharing your talent...i learn a lot for your cover...thank you bro..