Monday, January 26, 2009

Dear friends and readers

We are very thankful for God's grace that so many of you have eagerly picked up playing the guitar through this blog. It amazes us to imagine the number of people who have been blessed by your playing, and the praise that has been lifted up to God through your ministry.

Taking a break from the usual video post today, we want to support another internet ministry during this financially difficult time -- Desiring God. You can read about their financial update and prayer requests and prayerfully contribute to their mission.

We never said this, but we intentionally kept this guitar blog free for all of you because we've been inspired by Desiring God's free-of-charge policy. Full of sermons, articles, and even books by Pastor John Piper and his staff -- all for free -- their generous ministry has also taught us to see Christ more clearly through the biblical and powerful teachings.

We want to ask especially that our US readers would consider giving to the Minneapolis-based ministry. The reason we ask this is simple: your dollar contribution will go a longer way in your home country, while we are freed up to give strategically to regional organizations in Asia.

If you are willing, find a way of giving that suits you -- contribute online, by phone, by mail or even give stocks and securities -- and the area of ministry you wish to support.

We do not gain from this appeal, but merely want to encourage giving that brings glory to God (2 Cor 9:13). Our prayer is that all of us will give generously from the heart, no matter how big or small our gift is.

For His glory,
Graham & Serene.

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