Sunday, July 5, 2009

Down To The River To Pray

The second song that we performed. Written by Alison Krauss, this song has a Negro Spiritual feel to it. The lyrics speak of how the family goes down to the river to pray, and how He is worthy of our prayers.

Indeed we pray to God because He is worthy and more than able to answer us. But what's more important is that we pray because we are wholly dependent on God to provide for our every need. Just as God looks after the sparrows and lilies in the field, how much more does he take care of our needs.


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I really like Alison Krause. I think you guys did a great job. Really, it sounds very good, almost like a professional touring choir. Keep up the good work! You may never see all the people God is using you to bless and draw unto himself. Little by little people are being changed all over the world for Gods glory. Many blessings and strength to endure to you and yours.