Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Requested Tabs

Hey guys, here's a section of all the requested tabs I've done so far (tabs without videos of us playing the songs). Just thought I'd open it to the public so that you can download any of them if you want. The title links will refer you to the video itself on YouTube or mp3 files. The 'TABS' links allow you to download that particular song's tabs, which are in PDF format.

Please do not abuse the system. Give credit when its due, and when you're sharing the tabs with others. They're purely meant to benefit those who want to learn the songs. Thank you!

Chinese Songs

Vic Zhou
Shou Xi De Wen Rou

Christian Songs
Casting Crowns
East To West

Corrinne May

David Crowder Band

I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever

Geoff Moore
Listen To Our Hearts

All Day
Gift Of Love
Lord Of Lords
Saviour King
Super Strong God
You Are Faithful
You Are Holy

Jaci Velasquez
I Promise

Jane Siberry
Calling All Angels

Jeremy Camp
Give Me Jesus
Give You Glory


Martin Nystrom
As The Deer (Instrumental by pinoy4you)

New Life Worship
My Saviour Lives

Pat Sczebel
Jesus, Thank You

Phil Wickham
Divine Romance

Already Over

Richard Smallwood
Center Of My Joy

Shawn McDonald



Stellar Kart
Love Song
Me And Jesus

Tim Hughes
Maker Of All Things

Contemporary Songs
Chris Daughtry
Over You

Counting Crows
Accidentally In Love

Edwin McCain
I'll Be


Jason Mraz
Life Is Wonderful

Jesse McCartney
Beautiful Soul

John Mayer

Jose Mari Chan
Beautiful Girl

Matt Wertz
Sweetness In Starlight

Lady Brown

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Your Guardian Angel

Richard Marx
Right Here Waiting For You

Parting Time

Santo And Johnny

The Beatles
Let It Be
Twist And Shout (Performed by Quinn Sullivan)

Wang Lee Hom
Last Night

Ayaka Lida


Passionate Gloom
Wedding Bell

Guang Liang
Tong Hua

Henry Tsai
A Moment With You

Jay Chou
彩虹 Cai Hong

Kotaro Oshio

Kyu Sakamoto

Lee Kyung Won
Winter Wish

Leroy Anderson

Nobuo Uematsu
Silence Before The Storm
Suteki Da Ne

Takeharu Ishimoto
Just Before The Raid
Scar Mark Of Friendship

Teresa Teng
The Moon Represents My Heart

Tsuneo Imahori
Rakuen (Paradise)

Kiss The Rain

Japanese Songs
Ayaka Lida

Utada Hikaru
First Love

Yonekura Chihiro
Winter Wish

Korean Songs
Because I'm A Girl


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Anonymous said...

can you make the somewhere over the rainbow tab??? i really like the songs..im a fan of you because you have tabb many of my fav kotaro oshio songs..im james my email is mooniswhite@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hi there.. would love to have the tabs (and an instructional video!)for None But Jesus by Hillsong. Thank you for being a blessing!

tmt7 said...

can you tab "GIft of lovE"?
Hillsong Preview!


Dan said...

Thanks for the link on "None but Jesus" but seems like the video has been removed

Graham Choo said...

Hey Dan, yeah it was working the other day. YouTube just took it down because of copyright policies i think. Sharks! :(

Anonymous said...

hey, could you tab Daughters by John Mayer?? thanks!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the songs that you've tabbed!
Can i please have the tabs of the classical version of tong hua, thanks!
Email: hotdog_daisy@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

I would really appreciate it if you could create an instructional video/tab for 'All Day' by Hillsong. Thank you!

Clement Caleb said...

Oh i did not know i can post it here! XD Anyway, I was wondering if you can teach two songs from Hillsongs Album Savior King. Here in my Life and Savior King itself. I have been watching your videos and learning from them. You rock man!

Graham Choo said...

Hey Clement, my brother already has Saviour King on his list of songs to learn, so he'll eventually get to it. I could tab out the song first though. Just ask. 'Cause this post was mean for requesting tabs anyway, not videos actually

Conrad said...

Hey guys, be encouraged because your work is part of God's ministry to his people! Can I put in a request for instruction/tab for "Humble King". Peace.

Graham Choo said...

Hey Conrad, any way I can listen to the song? Don't think it's on YouTube. If you have the mp3, maybe you can send it to my email at da_tweens@yahoo.co.uk

Clement Caleb said...

Right i forgot to put in my E-mail address. Its ninja_clement_naruto@hotmail.com

daunte. said...

Hey Graham, I enjoyed playing the songs you have tabbed, especially the Kotaro Oshio ones, Good Job! I have some songs that might challenge/interest you a bit since it needs two guitarists.

Depapepe - Wedding Bell
Depapepe - Passionate Gloom

My e-mail is z3ro10@hotmail.com
just incase you need it. Thank you alot for your contribution towards great music.

Kabeer said...

Hi Graham, is yout let it be tab a fingerstyle solo version?
If so can you please send me it to : Kabeern@gmail.com. Thanks a lot.
I have been learning JezTan's version.

Graham Choo said...

Hey Kabeer, I tabbed it off The Beatles video in the link, if you click on the name, so it's not the fingerstyle version. Sry

Anonymous said...

hi is there any way you could tab silence before the storm from final fantasy? id appreciate it! thanks

Joe said...

when you have time could you tab, Over You by Daughtry?? thanks!!
p.s. thanks again for Daughters by John Mayer!!


Anonymous said...

hey! i was wondering if you can put up the tabs for more than words. :)

Dennis n said...

Thanks so much for all your help.
I really hope others are able to donate to help keep new songs coming.

Here in the US it cost a minimum of $45 an hour for lessons and you give me a more quality lesson for free.

Thanks again,

Graham Choo said...

Thanks so much Dennis. Your donation is much appreciated :P

daunte said...

Hey Graham, I really appreciate it for the Wedding Bell tab. I'm really satisfied with your contribution, really. ^^
I have one more request from you:

Sleepwalk by Santo and Johnny

and as for Wedding Bell,I'm 70% done, and will be posting it on youtube. Thank you, and God Bless.

just incase you need any help.

Jom said...

I don't know this song, but I really like it. haha
If you have spare time, please do tab this out =) -Jom

version w/o fingerboard

version w/ fingerboard

Graham Choo said...

Hey Jom,another YouTube user already asked me to learn the song. If you translate the name into english, it's called "The Cloud Where That Summer Is White".
The song's on my list of songs to learn, so I will learn it eventually, and post a video up with tabs as well. But you'll probably have to wait a while, 'cause it's a long list :P

Joshua said...

ur tabs really help a lot! i was wondering if you could help me tab this instrumental called "A Moment With You" by Henry Tsai...if u will email me at archangel.aequus@gmail.com

Graham Choo said...

Hey Josh, I couldn't find the full song on YouTube. If you have the mp3, maybe you can send it to my email at da_tweens@yahoo.co.uk

Anonymous said...

could u plz tab give you glory and give me jesus. They r both by Jeremy Camp

Anonymous said...

can u send me the tabs for:
Daughters "John Mayer" and
Tong Hua
Thx homestar

Anonymous said...

Hey check it song out, it'll be great if you could make the tabs for the into and the verse, cus all the verses r the same.

Anonymous said...

Opps hah this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CP458kpbu0
haha my bad o yea n the outro will be great

Anonymous said...

Could I have the depapepe songs please!
And Daughters by John Mayer...
Thank you!

[ phoebe_isidto@hotmail.com ]

Phil said...


Could you tab Oh Praise Him by David Crowder Band?

God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Hello...could you please send the tabs for tong hua by giang liang to me at sukii04@yahoo.com. Thank you very much and great job on the tabs!

Daniel said...

can you tab twist and shout? http://youtube.com/watch?v=Cw6Da8pcTVE&feature=related

Anonymous said...

can u post some hillsong united songs like Tell The World, Look To YOU, and Shout Unto God? of you do that would be such a blessing like for real

Anonymous said...

hey, can u send me the tabs for wedding bell from depapepe? thx...
here is my email - xlr_x28-xr@hotmail.com

aldy said...

my main man!!! hey can you make a tab of this one korean song 'because im a girl - kiss'?? thanks alot!! voltespybe@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Wow, you got awesome collections of guitar tabs! I've been searching "Wedding Bell" and "Over You" for weeks now without success... Can you please e-mail them to me? My email is at eclipze01@hotmail.com

Thank you very much!! I'll be waiting!

Anonymous said...

hi, i was wondering if you could send me the wedding bell tab by depapepe. They are such wonderful artists. Thank you so very much.


VietNam's child said...

Dear Sir,
My english is poor...sorry
But I can feel your Guitar Sound is great.
Can i please have the tabs of the classical version of tong hua.
Thank you very much!

Best wishes for you!

My email: dthnam4@gmail.com

VietNam's child said...

Dear Sir,
My english is poor...sorry
But I can feel your Guitar Sound is great.
Can i please have the tabs of the classical version of tong hua.
Thank you very much!

Best wishes for you!

My email: dthnam6@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hey how's it goin. I was wondering if you could send me Passionate Gloom by Depapepe? My e-mail is


Many thanks bro!

niceday said...

Hi :-),

Thanks for all the songs that you've tabbed!

They are so wonderful.

Can i please have the tabs of the classical version of "Tong hua"!

Thank you very much!
Best regards!!!

my email: nguyen_bao137@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

thanks for tabbing the songs. it must have taken a really long time.
can you please send me beautiful soul - jesse mccartney.
my email is melijyee91@yahoo.com

niceday said...

Dear Graham,
Thank you very much for giving me the tab!!!
Good luck to you :-)

Anonymous said...

hi, i'd like to request "Kiss the Rain" by Yiruma

Anonymous said...

Can you send me Casting Crowns tab of East to West email- jdbrann1972@sbcglobal.net

Nobita said...

I am a fan of Kotaro Oshio and thanks a lot for tabbing his songs. They are amazing!:) I am now giving a try on Last Christmas haha.

Can I please have the tab for Winter Wish by Yonekura Chihiro? my e-mail address is:

Thanks again and pls do keep up the good work!


Jourele said...

Hello Graham!
You probably remember a person who requested the Depapepe Tabs. "Daunte" I assume? ;)
Anyway, he's my friend, and we are both working on those songs you tabbed out (They're perfect BTW, and we're 95% done :D). Apparently, the reason why I msg you was because I was wondering if you can help us tab out another song called "Judgement" by Depapepe.


and my e-mail:

PLEASE PLEASE MSG me if you want any assistance! We feel really bad about the fact that were asking too much from you. If I do get a credit card, I'll donate for sure. ( -_-)

Clement Caleb said...

Hey its me again! I appreciate your entry to me for Here in My Life, it helped. ALOT!

But hey i have another song i would like to learn. Its You are Faithful by Hillsong!

I am eternally grateful! XD

Clement Caleb said...

Man i always forgot to put my e-mail... ninja_clement_naruto@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hey can plz tab the song consuming fire plz!! well thanks if you can.

~God Bless You~

Graham Choo said...

Hey, which Consuming Fire are you talking about? There are a few songs with the same title in YouTube. There's one by Third Day and another by Tim Hughes. Which one are you interested in getting tabbed?

Anonymous said...

can u send me the tabs for:
Daughters "John Mayer" and
Tong Hua

CT said...


Could you please email me the tab for Wedding bell? I have been searching tab for this song for quite sometime but still could fine any. I'll be so happy if you sent me the tab.
My email is kanit53@hotmail.com


Anonymous said...

hey can u please give the tabs for kotaro oshio - last Christmas. if you can. i would really appreciate it. thank you.

email is lilaznboi216@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Hey Graham, can you help me tab Spur by Depapepe?Thanks!!It's a great song!!
here's my email - xlr_x28-xr@hotmail.com ####THANKS AGAIN####

crossrunner said...

Thank you for those God-centered blog! It's been a real encouragement to all who visit!! I do have a request for a song. Please, "Still" by Hillsong. PTL for you two and for His gift of music!

Anonymous said...

hi, ive been visiting your site a lot, especially since ive been trying to improve on the guitar and since you have a lot of good christian songs. your site has done wonders. i really appreciate the hard work you are doing for everyone.

if it's not too much, i was wondering if you could send me beautiful soul by jesse mccartney and your guardian angel by the red jumpsuit apparatus. thanks a bunch

id love to make a donation but 1. i dont have the money 2. i dont a credit card ^^''

Anonymous said...

Depapepe tabs plz two of them

my email Detective_azn@hotmail.com

crossrunner said...

i posted earlier as "crossrunner" above about the request "still" by hillsong, here's my email: keikun920@yahoo.com. Praise be to the LORD for His wonderful gift!

Anonymous said...

Oooh ~ Please send me the moon represents my heart . shoyru29_@hotmail.com . Thank you ! Happy 2oo8 !

flamming_pie said...

thanks heap on tabbing kotaro oshio's last xmas. Good playing too. Have been looking for it for months. Have you ever had a go at Walter Lupi's A Whiter Shade Of Pale? Yeah, played by the korean prodigy Sungha too..Would be grateful if you could tab it out. Thanks.

flamming_pie said...

btw, the email add is yhawlin@yahoo.co.uk

daniel said...

hey my name is daniel lee and can u do tabs and maybe a instructional video for i miss you by blink 182 and my stupid mouth by john mayer and can u tell me the strumming patterns too not the name.......email me my emial is dan4422@hotmail.com plz and thank you

Anonymous said...

Hey,It's me again..
Can u send me the tab for
Passionate Gloom by Depapepe?

Graham Choo said...

Hi,what's your email address? There's too many anonymous posts! Haha :)

Jeffrey said...

Hey Graham, you definately are worth watch over and over and over again haha. Great Job. I was wondering if I was not being too greedy to maybe request 3 tabs =)

Delirious I Could Sing of Your Love Forever
Hillsong Lord Of Lords
East to West by Casting Crowns

Mail: lilceejz@gmail.com

Thank you =) God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Could you send me the tabs for the 2 Depapepe songs, Wedding Bells, and Passionate Gloom? Thanks very much

email: xuboi@hotmail.com


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the song "He Reigns" by the Newsboys. Could you post the tabs for that song? I know you have a million requests...so now you have one more. I am so thankful for all of your work for the Lord. God bless!

Anonymous said...

ahhhh!!! thanks sooo much for tabbing all these songs!! :D
i'm currently trying to learn my savior my god :)
anyway i was wondering, could you please send me the tabs for tong hua? thanks a bunch!

my email is manganut@sbcglobal.net

Anonymous said...


Would love to have the tabs for the 2 depapepe tabs. thnx so much :)


Anonymous said...

hey im david, could you email me the tabs for East to West and O Praise Him. I would really appreciate it. my email address is asbillruns@juno.com

Anonymous said...

hey, thank you so much for the depapepe tabs. I've tried several parts of it, and it sounds really great. Good job man!
haha, btw i wanna try out some of your other tabs too :) May i have "let it be" by the beetles, "right here waiting" by richard marx and "tong hua".

email: lk_ken@hotmail.com

Thnx :)

Anonymous said...

Hey man!!

Really appreciate that you're doing all this. Could i get the tab depapepe tab for passionate gloom?

email: Apricothero@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

can u tab out "when i need you" by Leo Sayer on this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7rM2My1nwY, please? thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Graham, here is a beautiful song from Kotaro Oshio: First Love (different from Utada Hikaru's on your site)


You can hear the first 30 seconds at:

Can you play this song and put it up on your site and YouTube for viewing?

Graham Choo said...

Hey, I need to hear the full song in order to gauge if I can play it or not. Can't seem to find it online. Anywhere where i can get it?

Anonymous said...

Hey i would love the tabs and mp3 for a moment with you by henry tsai. thanks! :) kinoohkihoon@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

If you could do
Judgement by Depapepe
I would forever be in your debt and probably crap myself..thanks
my email is tiggafputuhs@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Hi there.. would love to have the tabs (and an instructional video!)for Hikaru utada's first love. Thank you for being a blessing!

Zach said...

Your guitar playing is excellent, as are your transcriptions. I saw your video of Suteki Da Ne on youtube, but was unable to find the tabs at site that you listed. Is there any way you could post the sheet music/tabs on here or send them to me via email?

arlan said...

Hi , hope you can tab and instructional video ofLike eagles by
Don moen. I'd like to share it on our church to play in our childrens ministry. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hey, If you could do the tab for Brandon Heath's "I'm Not Who I Was" that would be awesome.

Anonymous said...

hey can you tab any of naudo's songs they are just so good, preferably stand by me,amazing grace or nights in white satin. thanks so much if you take the time to tab these songs :D

Saravanan said...

Hi Graham,

This is Saravanan...I wonder whether you've heard Andy McKee's music ? I think you will love it..Here's a link...


If you could tab this,that would be a fantastic..have a great day, cheers !

yoyo said...

Hey, can you send me the tabs by Depapepe - Wedding bells to my email, desperado_yoz@hotmail.com

Thanks a hell lot. =)

Jeremiah said...

Hi I would love for you to do the song Prodigal by Casting Crowns Thanks so much

Hide said...

Hello there! It's great for me to visit your website with lots of lovely tabs.

Can I have a tab "彩虹 Cai Hong" by Jay Chou??

my e-mail is...

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Wow... I stumbled by your site today when looking guitar tabs and am very grateful to locate yours!
Can you please sent me "Winter Wish" please? My email is Leee4@rogers.com


Anonymous said...

Can you send me First Love by Utada Hikaru? That would be awesome if you could!! Thanks!

Email is:


Anonymous said...

Can you send me A Moment With You by Henry Tsai? Thanks alot!

email: t-khang@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hey there Graham!
Todays my 1st day visiting the website and I'm utterly bewildered by some of the talents shown there, up to a point of admiration! Keep the great work bro!And if you're not too busy, can you possibly send me the tabs for Cai Hong and Tong Hua?

I'd also like to request tabs for a favourite song of mine called
Kau Ilhamku from Manbai,a Malaysian band,I'm not sure it'll work out as it requires 2 guitars,but a simpler version will do great too! Its really greedy of me to ask for such, but I've really checked the internet for ages for the tabs and its saddening T_T

my email add is as below:

Thanks in advance!

Ps: If you require the song in mp3 format I will gladly send it to you! Will be waiting for good news!

Anonymous said...

Hey Graham, The great work of you and your brother has been very inspiring for me, and contributed to my involvement in a praise/worship band in my local church. A song I love, and would love to learn to play is Our "God Reigns" by Brandon Heath. All of the tabs I have found on other sites have been incorrect. Can you help?
Dave (biznauer15@yahoo.com)

Anonymous said...

Hey Graham, I would just like to request the Depapepe tabs you've made and send to me in an E-mail. Thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

Hi !

It's me that have asked you to tab
Lee Kyung Won
Winter Wish (Instrumental)

I was seeking it in your new videos for months and now I understand that I must ask it here , ha ha ha !!

Sorry.... I would be very happy to get the tab and start learning this wonderfull song.




Jas said...

hi !! do u think u can send me the tabs for the Phil wickham song- Divine Romance and Jason Mraz- Life is Wonderful. Thanks!!!

Jas said...

haha sorry i forgot to write my emial ...its jasdelrosario@ucdavis.edu

Kuda said...

Yo Brother in Christ
If you have the time...
"Prince of peace" Tabs
@ b_fukuda@pacific.edu

JD Russell said...

I am loving all your tabs and videos! I am going on a mission trip to Honduras in March and was put in charge of doing worship, so your website has been a great asset to me. Thank you so much and may God Bless everything you do.

Could you tab the songs "Yearn" and "We Love You Jesus" by Shane and Shane?


Timothy said...

Lost Without You Tab by Robin Thicke if you have time

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Daniel and Graham Choo!

I would like to request the song "Only You" by Hillsong United, that you tab it out in acoustic, please... I would like to hear your own take or slight modified version in acoustic of it.

The lyrics are great. It feels like getting deeper & dearer to Jesus. It feels like coming closer & nearer to His presence.

I'm now into this song very much. It would be very much appreciated if you will send the acoustic tab to my email (jesusfocus777@yahoo.com)

Thanks! - Rd=) (Philippines)

Anonymous said...

Can you do me a favor and send me a tab of "A Moment With You" By henry Tsai...
I saw the movie...
And tried to learn it by ear...
Seems like alterations of the a Basic G chord....
But thank you

Send to:

Anonymous said...

can you make a solution tab. i am a real fan of hillsong inited and solution is my favourite so can you by any chance do solution. no chords please thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Can you please tab Wang lee hom's "who are you thinking of at this moment"?

thank you

Anonymous said...

oh wow! i didn't know u had this on ur website! thank you so much man! i didn't know u had "east to west" here! thanks so much man!! appreciate it! although i still have trouble playing it.. lol.. but still.. thanks!

Henry said...

You must be swamped with requested tabs, but if you ever get a chance it'd be awesome if you could tab Depapepe's version of Canon. There seems to be a lot of repetitive parts but I've never been good at playing by ear. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

PLs help me i did everything but i can't realy play it well!.. it'd be awesome if you could tab Hungry of White Lion.

edgar said...

Hi there! can you pls help me., can you pls tab the Hungry of White Lion? thanx!!

Anonymous said...

Is it possible if you can tab "kodoku na junrei" from Fate/Stay Night?

There's only piano versions http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNrGsPQl3y0
so far, and no guitar :"(


webaster said...

Hi !!!

I am looking for free sheet music Homesick - Mercy me.

Can You or someone else help me to find it?
Thank You and God bless You all :)


Many greetings,

Anonymous said...

Hey guys...thanks for all the work you guys do!!
I was wondering if you guys could tab the song 'I Will Be Here' the way it is played by the artist Passion on youtube:

guitarooman said...

hello there. is it possible for you to tab Canon by Depapepe? it would be really nice to play that song. [: please and thank you.

Anonymous said...

hi there! you guys are talented! if possible could you tab, snow dance by depapepe.. they sound good. =)


thank you! =)

Anonymous said...

hey i would really love to have depapepe's version of canon in D tabs. i cant find it anywhere. can someone tab it for me plz??
thanks so much.

u can email it to me at billy_limscorpio@msn.com

Genesis said...

hey, thanks so much for all the praise songs. you know, I play for my youth group now because i learned a lot of the songs from your videos. thank you so much. I was wondering if you can figure out the tabs and/or the chords for the song "My God" from Hillsong.

if it is possible, can you please email it to genesisrigor@gmail.com

thank you so much, God bless.
in Christ,

Anonymous said...

hey bro can you tab

"Wake me up when September ends." arranged by Ulli Bögershausen.


'More than Words' arranged by Michael Chapdelaine.

my email is albeezy_510@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

links doesn't work

Graham Choo said...

Hey thanks for alerting me. I'll get the links right soon. Takes some time. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey man! U are awesome! God has blessed u! hey can u do the song Letters by Stellar Kart! And instructional video would be good but its ok if u can't make one!

My email is lordazn9987@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

hey man those are great tabs, i loved the ones that i looked that, pretty much the songs i know, from your list.

but, i have a request for another depapepe song, its their version of
canon, not sure if you heard it before but heres the link. in my opinion its a great song, i think if you liked wedding bells, then maybe you would like this one.


adventflip@yahoo.com <-- my email =D
email me when you get the chance to make the tabs or anything ill be checking up on your site

god bless you, great talent.

Anonymous said...

Hi there can you send me the tabs for Depapepe's Spur please at tamahome86@hotmail.com Thank You!!

Anonymous said...

hey there! i noticed how a lot of people requested for Depapepe's version of Pachebel's Canon, and i was wondering if maybe you already made/are making tabs of that, 'coz if you did/are, awesome! i'd really like to have a copy of that, i'm chris and my email is cjsa330@yahoo.com.ph thanks and god bless!

Anonymous said...

oh, and take your time! you must be doing a lot of requests already. haha. i'll wait for as long as it takes :D -chris

Anonymous said...

hello, can i you give the tabs for michael chapdelaine's more than words? can't find it anywhere for free.. please? :) >hades_charon@yahoo.om

Anonymous said...

hey, can you please send me the tabs for michael chapdelaine's more than words? please.. e-mail: hades_charon@yahoo.com

L1nX said...

Hi. sorry if i trouble you.
But can you send me Spur and Kimidori tabs by depapepe?
I really like that song!! it's great! my email is ruleshellz@yahoo.co.id
Thx ^^v

Anonymous said...

Hi. sorry if troubled you.
Can you send me Spur and Kimidori tabs By depapepe??
i really like it!! my email is ruleshellz@yahoo.co.id

MiNiiGongJu said...


I have been looking everywhere for Depapepe START tablatures but I can't find them ANYWHERE T_______T
I need the complete tabs for both person. Here is my email :


Thank you very much!!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing! I was looking for several tabs on the internet when I came across your blog (thanks for "Ballade pour Adeline!) I was wondering if you have ever heard of "Besame Mucho". I have yet to find a instrumental version of the song. Please help! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

hey i was wondering if you have the guitar tabs for "A Moment With You" by Henry Tsai !

Please e-mail it to me at elainnnnn@hotmail.com

Thank you !

Anonymous said...

hey bro can you tab

"Wake me up when September ends." arranged by Ulli Bögershausen.


'More than Words' arranged by Michael Chapdelaine.

my email is mmv1987@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

hey bro can you tab

"Wake me up when September ends." arranged by Ulli Bögershausen.

'More than Words' arranged by Michael Chapdelaine.

My email is till.de.last.breathe@gmail.com Thanks!

Anonymous said...

can you please tab Chasing by Charlie Hall? Its my absolute favorite song and I cant find it online. thanks!
my email is ConfusdNorwegian@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

hey can you make an instructional video/tab for salvation is here by hillsong? thank you :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your wonderful Christian music tabs.

Wondering if you have "My Jesus My Saviour"-Hillsong guitar tab?

Would also like to have
'More than Words' arranged by Michael Chapdelaine.

email to sportyjohn@gmail.com

Thanks and God bless.

Graham Choo said...

Hey John,

I believe the Hillsong song you're looking for is "Shout To The Lord". The tabs are on my blog at http://grahamchoo.blogspot.com/2007/06/shout-to-lord.html

As for the More Than Words tabs, when I get down to tabbing it, i'll send it over :)

Anonymous said...

hi can you please make a tab for "Sepia no Kyoushitsu" from proposal daisakusen Jdrama ^_^.. thnx a lot!


Glenn said...

Wow the nujabes - lady brown tab is awesome. You are a very very good guitar player. Thanks for the tabs.

Anonymous said...

Hi graham can you make a video on how to play the plucking of the song homesick my mercy me? I would really like to learn the plucking of that song..thanks a lot and God bless you!

Dante, Son of Sparda said...

Hey, thanks for the great tabs.
I have a Request, These tabs are from games.

Could you please Tab out 'Theme of Morroc' and 'Assasin Cross Sunset'? Both are Songs from Ragnarok online.

There are some Vid on some people playing them, and wich only one of them is 'Theme of Morroc' but didn't really give any tabs.

So i would be really grateful if you are abble to tab them out.



payableondeath_tom said...

Hey! You have already helped me a lot in my guitar playing and with the song you have already posted (especially Mighty is the Power of The Cross by Chris Tomlin)
But i was wondering if you could tab out "Carried to the table" bu Leeland. I have found the chords online, but it's all plucked and i can't work out the plucking order!

Thanks for all your hard work, may God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you thank you (=

Anonymous said...

Could you tab Stephen's song from here: http://bound4life.com/free-downloads/audio ? It's a great song with a great prayer as the chorus. "Jesus, I plead your blood over my sins and the sins of my nation. God end abortion and send revival to America." It'd be great to learn how to play it and be able to intercede and play at the same time.

Cj said...

could you guys tab wake up! by depapepe since i have been searching for this tab a long time.

Ian Ruiz said...

Hi can you make a "This Way" tab by Depapepe since i have found wedding bell tabs thanks to you guys!

Joseph said...

Hi Graham can you tab Komorebino Nakade Brilliant Ver. from the album Beginning of the Road by Depapepe? And thanks for the amazing tabs that you have done for a very long time.

Graham Choo said...

Hi Joseph, I can't seem to find the song over YouTube. Any idea where I can find it so I can have a listen? If do can send it to me over email or something, that'd be even better. Thanks! :)

saniton said...

hey can u tab complete by parachute band. thx http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bW6y6CQSrdU&feature=related.
my email is clark_rule@hotmail.com. thx man.

Joseph said...

Ok ill be passing the mp3 of it to your email. Oh whats your email by the way? You can just pass your email add at ianRuiz_2004@yahoo.com. As soon as i get your email ill be passing the song to you.

JD Russell said...

Hey, your videos have really helped me learn a ton more worship songs. I went on mission trip to Honduras in March and go to lead our group. Thanks so much for all you guys do.

Could you guys maybe do some Shane & Shane? Specifically, "Yearn" and "We Love You Jesus".

Anonymous said...

Hello Graham,
Is it possible for you to tab out Canon in D by Depapepe? I thank you very much for your other tabs that you made for everyone to share by Depapepe. It's pretty hard for me to tab out by ear, especially when it comes to chords.

please&thank you,


e-mail: filipinohobo@yahoo.com

Kalkunmaggot said...

I have been trying to find out how to play Lee Kyung Won - Hero and I would appreciate if you could tab it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EzZ_xNw60s it's awesome song so I hope you will do it :) thx in advance

Anonymous said...

Hey do u know the tabs for canon by depapepe its so dam cool my fav version of the canon xD thanks

Anonymous said...

you should do Open Skies by David Crowder Band...Good song and a nice intro that im sure many people weant to learn

Anonymous said...

could you please add depapepe-this way piano tab? because it's really nice.thanks :)

Kai said...

I was wondering if you could write the tab for Ulli Bögershausen's version of Wake Me Up When September Ends.
There's a video of someone playing it here.

By the way, you're truly inspiring =D

Andrew said...

Hi, first of all I'd like to thank you for all these tabs. They're absolutely awesome.
Could tab you For You by Depapepe??
Thanks so much!

Graham Choo said...

Hey Andrew, thanks for the appreciation :)
Unfortunately, I can't find that video over YouTube. Any idea where I can have a listen to it? Or even better, a video of them playing it? It'll make tabbing a lot easier :)

Andrew said...

Here is the link to the song on youtube. Its a cover by someone else but that is all I could find! I hope this works!


Andrew said...

Hey, is that good enough for you to do both guitar parts??

Graham Choo said...

I usually do both parts, as seen in my other depapepe tabs. However, that's only if the music's not too hard to tab. Sometimes they shred, which is really hard to tab. Will see how it goes when I get to the song :)

Andrew said...

alright, sounds good! Once again, thanks.

joe said...

hey is it possible if you could tab out canon by depapepe??!!

joe said...

hey do u think u can tab out canon be depapepe??!! thx a lot!!

Anonymous said...

hey do i think you can tab out canon by depapep? both parts if possible.. Thx a lot!!

Alice said...


Can you please tab ayumi hamasaki- To Be. It's a beautiful song. Heres the link for the acoustic verison.
Hopefully its not too are for you since your an awsome guitar player and an expert in tabbing out songs! =D

Thank You Very Much!

Anonymous said...

Hey do you think u can tab the river flows frozen by eternal tears of sorrow? heres a link to the acoustic version. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FluecqKY7ts&feature=related thanks a lot!!

Anonymous said...

hey, nice job for those tabs, can you email me the tab for spur by depapepe? here is my email: demonichand666@live.com, thanks before, if you don't have it it is okay, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Can you do Hawk Nelson tabs? For this song. Something on mind.

german girl said...

can you please send me depapepe tabs, the complete 'Start' tabs for both guitar (or solo guitar) and Pachelbel s 'Canon in D' played by them??
And..can you also send me some of Christmas Carols tabs? I would like to play some Christmas songs with guitar this December..
Thank you very very much and God bless you, you are so talented!

my email address: ame_miroslav11@hotmail.de

LG said...

Hey do you or anyone out there have the guitar chord to the song "In the Presence of Royalty," by Byron Cage?
Thanks alot

Graham Choo said...

Hey Ig, I listened to the song over YouTube, and here are the chords for it (Capo 3rd fret):

Intro: D/B, C9, G, D/B, C9, G, Em, D/F#, F, G, C9, D/F#, Em.
Verse: D/B, C9, G, D/B, C9, G, Em, D/F#, F, G, C9, D/F#, Em.
Chorus: D/F#, G, D/F#, G, E, Am, F, Em, D.
Interlude: F, D/B, F, Em

- Bjorn said...

hey, i was just wondering, it hard to find this particular tab : wake me up when september ends by ulli bogershausen, i cant seem to find it all over the net! so i was wondering if you could come up with it :P hope you could do it! and oh would you mind emailing to me too? thanks !

Jules said...

Hey Graham, I was wondering if you could tab out the plucking parts of the song 'All I Can Say' by David Crowder.

It's a really old song done by him, and it really touched me. The song reminded me that sometimes might forget He's there for us in times of trouble, which is why I really feel like it's a good song to share my testimonial as well let the congregation feel what I'm feeling as well.

Sorry if it's so long, just felt like I need to give a shoutout. Anyway, the link is here,

Chords are here, on his site.

As the album is too old it's no longer on sale. Sadly. =/

ANDY said...




adrian said...

WOW!!! That's all i got to say Choo. God had seriously blessed you with talent. Your website is a Godsend. I came across it as i was looking for a song my pastor asked me to play.(didn't find it, i got stuck on your site :P) You think you can get a tutorial for "I pledge allegiance to the lamb". It's kind of an old school song, so i was wondering if you could change it up just a little to give it a more modern, more youthful vibe to it. Thanx in advance and may God bless you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I love your work!
It helped me a lot to improve
my guitar!!
and Can I ask you for a tab for
"You gave Your Life Away"
by Paul Baloche?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the songs that you've tabbed!
Can i please have the tabs of the "ambilkan bulan" by Jubing Kristianto
You can download the song from
Thx anyway!!

David said...


Thanks so much for all your tabs.. really like the songs put

I have dying to figure out the tabs for 'Mad World' arranged by Ulli Boegershausen.

There is a 12 yrs old kid who plays it below.


Thanks so much!


Dante said...


Thanks for the tabs you've done.

Only here i could find the Ayaka song "Why (instrumental)" tab.

Amazing. Thank you so much.

By the way, could you tab me the song "I'll be your home" by Rin Oikawa?

It's a very nice song and appears easy to play but like many (i presume)Japanese songs there's no tab anywhere.

Here is a Link on youtube for it (this is the edited version not the original that i want):



John Lee said...

Hey! Could you tab My Soul Sings by delirious? I've been trying to tab it out myself, but it's not going too well haha

Bhabee said...

Can you please tab this? I've been crazy for this song called "Mad World" arranged by Ulli Boegershausen and 'California Dreaming' arranged by Michael Chapdelaine.
email: Bhabee@rogers.com
or compu_trick@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

hey just wondering if you could create an tab of pirates of the caribbean.its seen here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Z_lAjt-gMw. The song is called Hes a pirate by Klaus Badelt. my email is progolfer25@aol.com

Anonymous said...

can you also send me the "mad world" tabs. progolfer25@aol.com

Anonymous said...

you think you could tab out Red Shoes Dance from kotaro oshio? i'm sure many people would love you if you did. :-)

here's a video of it. sounds pretty straight-forward.


Josanne said...

Hi..Can you post the tab for One Thing by Hillsong Australia from the Saviour King album. Thanks ~_^

León (Rawr) said...

If you can, i´d like you to send me "Mad World" arranged by Ulli Boegershausen too, it´s amazing.


Thank You for your time.

Anonymous said...

hi graham
i like your tabs and videos
thanks for the time and effort

my tab requests are it might be you by stephen bishop and/or the gift by brickman
i know the latter is in piano but just in case you know the guitar version please teach it to us

once again, thanks!!! nad have a good day!

Chris said...

have you thought about tabbing an instrumental version of "kiss from a rose"?

Ichii said...

Hey graham, thanks a lot for your tabs. I have found one song which is so wonderful I was wondering if you can tab it out.


Thanks a lot!!

jeanne said...

hey, there's this really great acoustic song by tenth avenue north called beyond words. one of the dancers on so you think you can dance also danced to it for one of his solos. i was wondering if you could tab it out.

it's a really great song, but i'm not too great at tabbing and it moves pretty fast.

heres the link to a recording of it on youtube:

thanks so much! [:

Anonymous said...

hello dan..
hv u heard of the song "draw me close to you" by the katinas? i really love the guitar cover.. and i would like to learn the tabs of it..

someone played a similar one,

may u tab it if u hv time? thanks a lot!

and i am william from hk.. email: william_cky@hotmail.com

happy new year :)!

Anonymous said...

Could you tab God Of This City by Chris Tomlin?

Anonymous said...

Hi. Can you tab Landslide by marty sampson off of his ep let love rule? thanks!

Graham Choo said...

Hey, the tabs and video for God Of This City by Chris Tomlin can be found at this link: http://grahamchoo.blogspot.com/2008/12/god-of-this-city.html

Graham Choo said...

Hey, I can't seem to find Landslide by marty sampson on YouTube. Anywhere else I can listen to it? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey there, i am wondering where do you obtain the tabs for depapepe.... i have searching it for years n yet i could only find 3. pls if u would share the sources that will be very helpful..

Graham Choo said...

Hi there, I've tabbed out 4 of Depapepe's songs on the blog so far, and they can be downloaded from this post. I don't know where else to get the tabs, cause I write them myself.

There are still a few more of their songs on my list of songs to tab, so you can look out for them. Gotta be patient though, cause the list is long. Hope you understand :)

Anonymous said...

heyy =]i was wondering if u can tab "meet with me" by ten shekel shirt. u have it for acoustic but i was wondeing if you can make the tabs for the electric guitar. thanks! nd God bless.

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